301 Mohawk Street
N3T 5L9

Mohawk Chapel is a vibrant tourist attraction in Brantford aimed at providing a cultural experience for all its visitors. As the oldest surviving church in Ontario, the last surviving structure of the original Mohawk Village Settlement of 1784 and one of three royal chapels in Ontario, this National Historic Site with its handcrafted stained-glass windows is a must-see!

Mohawk Chapel offers visitors a chance to walk through a 200 year old graveyard and see the final resting place of Joseph Brant and his son John Brant, this graveyard also houses many important community members of the Six Nations and Brantford communities, including the Johnson family from Chiefswood National Historic Site.
Mohawk Chapel also offers unique tours, weddings, rentals and events year round, with visitors encouraged to visit the beauty of the Chapel in each changing season.