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Explore Woodland Caribou Provincial Park

Explore Culturally significant Indigenous sites with archaeological & historical interest. Paddlers and Kayakers can see incredible indigenous pictographs (pictographs are ancient painting sites on rock surfaces), which can be seen as they network throughout the breath taking waterways and rugged Canadian Shield landscape of the Woodland Caribou Provincial Park. With over 2000 km of canoe routes, you will surely be at one with nature. The Woodland Caribou Provincial Park has less than 1000 visitors per season! Don’t forget to bring along a fishing rod for some fantastic fishing for Small-Mouth Bass, Lake Trout and Northern Pike.

There are so many activities to add to your enjoyment of the Woodland Caribou Provincial Park in Northwestern Ontario…

  • Well Known for Indigenous artifacts and pictographs
  • Excellent fishing & primitive campsites.
  • Numerous secluded beaches, deep drop offs
  • Beautiful shorelines with great swimming
  • Abundance of wildlife in its natural habitat
  • Several back country commercial camps & lodges
  • Visit Parks Ontario for more information & camping permits

Woodland Caribou Provincial Park is part of the Pimachiowin Aki World Heritage Site. Visit: Pimachiowin Aki website for more information.

Indigenous experiences canoe routes Ontario


With very few roads most of the park is travelled by canoe, kayak or sea plane. Road access points can be found on Lund, Johnson, Onnie, and Leano lakes.  Choose from over 2000 kilometers of canoe routes. See Parks Ontario for more information on remote fly-in zones and waterway entries.

Fishing in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park


Woodland Caribou is renowned for its fishing. The most sought-after species are walleye, Northern Pike and Lake Trout. Smallmouth Bass are found in some northern lakes of the park and muskellunge are found in one lake in the southwest. There are many private outposts and lodges in the parks are dedicated to fishing.

Birding at Woodland Caribou Provincial Park in Ontario


Keen birders will be able to check off many species on their life list that are common to the region. Visitors can observe Great Gray Owls, birds of pray such as bald eagles, various species of hawks, waterfowl and numerous nesting songbirds.

Woodland Caribou Provincial Park Located in Northwestern Ontario,
227 Howey St,
Red Lake, ON P0V 2M0

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